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Otoscopic Evaluation

Hearing Screening



Hearing Aids


Signs of Hearing Loss

  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves.

  • Turning up the volume on the TV and radio to levels that are uncomfortable for others.

  • Don’t always hear the doorbell or telephone ring.

  • Can hear people speak, but struggle to understand the words they are saying.

  • It feels like others mumble.

  • Difficulty understanding conversation in groups or in background noise.

  • Hear a buzzing or ringing noise in your ear.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

  • Early signs of Alzheimer's or Dementia.

  • Struggling with balance or history of falling.

  • Having a difficult time remembering.

  • Avoidance of social situations.

  • The feeling of paranoia.

  • High blood pressure.

  • Tiredness or exhaustion.




I’m a musician,and I was concerned about my hearing. I haven’t had a hearing test in a really long time. Everybody was very nice and very professional I was relieved after I left there. I’m glad I went and I highly recommend this business.

George Potsos 1.25.2023

Always a wonderful experience walking in and talking with the staff here. Very friendly and knowledgeable and quick to assist. Thank you for taking great care

of your patients.

Kristanna DeMent 6.15.2023

Wonderful, always so helpful with answering answering any questions or concerns. Very friendly environment!

Cindy Donley 6.23.2023

Everything was very professional yet relaxed. Minimal wait time. Testing was very helpful.

Aaron Wagner 5.16.2023

I had no idea how bad my hearing had become! The staff was very professional and supportive. I’m thrilled with my new hearing aids!

Julie Harrison 4.1.2023

It's a convenient location and hearing doctors amazing. He works and gives you very good details on how you're hearing age will work who that was really kind to you

Pamelia Duty 4.7.2023

This place is the best. The ladies are so friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend going there for all your hearing loss needs!

Nick Thomas 6.21.2023

Girls are great and really work to make it a enjoyable visit when you are there. Highly Recommended!!!

Kris Walden 3.2.2023

The receptionist is exceptionally nice and caring she even calls you on birthdays to wish you a happy birthday the Dr is very nice the office and reception room are very clean and even a free cup of coffee good hearing aides I recommend this place and dr to everyone and all of my friends

Jeffery Spies 3.3.2023

Everyone I've dealt with has been very helpful and friendly. Any issues or concerns I've had have been resolved promptly.

Bridget Price 3.7.2023

Very friendly support and technicians who know what they’re doing. I called for assistance in setting up my hearing aid app on a new phone and within 15 or 20 minutes I was all set and fixed almost immediately after I called. Wonderful service.

Marcia New 2.14.2023

The girls are 5 stars also, thorough and personable. We have had a great experience with Southwestern Hearing. Would recommend to all! 

AJ Hammond 4.4.2023

Great service and very knowledgeable. My husband went from not wearing his hearing aides to wearing the new ones full time. Reducing my frustration significantly

Deb Keller 1.20.2023

Very professional staff. Able to address my hearing issues and fit with a hearing aid at the first appointment. Following appointments to ensure that I was satisfied and not having any issues. Highly recommend them!

Karen Daum 2.16.2023

Nice clean environment. Always smiling and friendly. They have always been very professional and helpful Good job guys and thank you!

Claude Pettijohn 6.20.2023

Very knowledgeable and no hassle approach was great. Highly recommended!

Phillip Fulkerson 6.1.2023

Very knowledgeable and kind team helped my mother with first time hearing aids. They were patient and detailed. The new hearing aids have greatly improved my mother's quality of life.

Mary Caldieraro 6.21.2023

Employees so were friendly1 Appointment was kept at the scheduled time. All questions were answered to my satisfaction Hearing aids were cleaned and reset. Good job.

Ken Riley 1.2.2023

This was my first hearing screening since school. I wasn't sure what to expect. The front desk staff was very friendly and the hearing screener was thorough in her explanations and answered my questions in detail.

tstsk8mom 4.8.2023

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